Jeff Roth


An Irresistible Irresistible Force since 1981, Jeff grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Went to UT-Austin's film school for undergrad. It was there he dubbed himself "The Irresistible Force," because "Irish Jew with Beard" was taken. Realizing a B.S. in film is the perfect degree to be a waiter at local restaurants in Austin while waiting for your "big break," Jeff headed east to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design to get his MFA in Animation.

While there he befriended several talented award-winning filmmakers and collaborated with them on several projects. Jeff also produced and directed a 38 minute documentary on William Armstrong, a local Savannah artist who worked as a camera scenic in New York for 25 years.

Jeff is also involved with an Israeli web series, which cannot be discussed further as of yet. In his free time he jots down funny ideas for television shows, animated shorts, drawings and plays pranks on his dogs.

He married a girl he met at Texas and they have 4 dogs.

"Icarus," which Jeff wrote among other things, won the Tambakos Film Festival Judges Award for Excellence in 2005. It also aired on MTv's Student Shorts in 2006, and it can also be seen on MTv's Video On Demand.

"The Arnold Remake Channel" was selected as "Film of the Week" on

"The Dillsbury Doughboy Outtakes" won the coveted "Cute Animation Award" from his mother. (not a real award)

For more examples of his work, search for him on